Spezialtools and Services for Heat Exchangers and Boilers


Thank you for visiting our International Website. We are very pleased that you are interested in our products. Our current cataloque you can download if you click on the link. For reading the document you need the PDF Reader what you can also download on the link. If you had any questions about our product range please contact us. If we have a trader in your country you will get the informations from us if you contact us. For exactly enquirys please use our question sheet. If you are interested in one special product you can use the series list.

Products / Series List (pdf)

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Series 03 | Cap roller expander DIN 443
Series 04 - 06 | Cone rolling tube expanders H
Series 10 - 15 | Fast step tube expanders
Series 20 | Cone tube expander without stop
Series 22 | Cooling adaptor
Series 26 - 28 | Tube expanders for mechanical / hydraulic expansion procedure
Series 32 | Valve seat expanders
Series 36 | Self-feeding tube expanders BV
Series 45 | Self-feeding tube expanders T
Series 50 | Tube end facer TF | New! Tube End Facer TF with plates (soon)
Series 51 | Internal tube cutter TC 51
Series 54 | Centering cartridges and spring sleeves
Series 55 | Tube extraction system TPS
Series 64 - 67 | Tube expanders for boilers
Series 72 | Telescopic spindles and spare parts
Series 76 - 77 | Fast step expanders for mechanical / hydraulic expansion procedure
Series 79 | Tube extraction system TP for thin-walled tubes
Series 80 | Tube extraction system TP for thick-walled tubes
Series 81 | Automatic tube expanders AUTOMA / ULTRA
Series 97 | Tube rolling system TES